Dr. Christopher J. Schneider

Associate Professor of Sociology


My research focuses on culture, deviance, and social control. My research investigates the connections between mass media, culture, and technology, and how these contribute to changes in social interaction and social control. My intellectual and theoretical approach is interdisciplinary and includes perspectives consistent with criminology, sociology, cultural studies, and media and communication studies. More broadly my research investigates the process, meanings and social consequences of mass media messages about crime and deviance. I track news and popular culture documents utilizing qualitative methodology grounded in a symbolic interactionist perspective that is oriented to the examination of the cultural context of meanings associated with select practices. This approach illuminates the frames, discourse, and meanings found in news reports with everyday life participants, on the one hand, and agents of social control, on the other hand. 

Information and links to select publications can be found here: Academic.edu Profile


Research Q&A: The 2011 Vancouver Riot on the Second Anniversary

UBC Dialogues (2013) Podcast: In the social media age, can justice be served?


UBC Dialogues (2014) Podcast: Is technology connecting us? Or controlling us?